District Boundaries

Extension IT Support

The Extension IT unit is responsible for managing, and supporting the use of information technology (IT) resources within the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Information Technology resources include workstations, servers, network connectivity (both off-campus Extension offices along with numerous other college facilities), video conferencing technology, handheld devices, and various other equipment and services.

CES Guidelines for Purchasing Computers

All new computers to be installed and maintained by the District Extension Information Technology Contacts (DEITC) are recommended to be purchased through the Dell CES portal. If you have questions or would like to purchase a new computer, please contact your DEITC or the helpdesk for pricing and ordering information. Should a county have a new computer delivered to their office, purchase and delivery should be coordinated with the DEITC to ensure proper installation and setup. 


CIT Help Desk 1-800-900-4447

The help desk is the first place you should start for any problem.  It will not only be the fastest solution, but if they are unable to resolve your issue, they will pass it along to the right people.

Remote Support

Many things can be resolved remotely; here is a link to our Remote Services.

Specific Program Support

4H Access Online - James Leslie
NEERS/CRS5 - Brian Fitzpatrick
Satori Mailroom Toolkit - Rhesa King
Soil Data - Frank Sikora
KEHA Database Online Application - Brian Fitzpatrick & Kimberly Henken